Finding The Best Iftar Deals In Karachi

Iftar Deals In Karachi

Ramazan in Karachi sees restaurants, dhaabas and food businesses being shut for dine-in during the day only to end up building more anticipation for when they open. The scene is then set for a feast and iftar-specific deals and discounts just add to the frenzy. One can’t talk about iftar deals in Karachi without mentioning Pizza Hut’s All-You-Can-Eat that has really served as the OG format for restaurants in deciding their ramazan offers. 

Pizza Hut is no more but we have these 12 deals and platters for Iftar you might want to check out in Karachi. So without further ado, here are:

The Best Ramazan Iftar Deals In Karachi 2023:

Sweet Greens -
It's a Noodle Party

Sweet Greens Noodle Platter

Please tell us how this ISN’T the platter of your dreams. We are surprised more places didn’t think of doing this. Say hello to a platter with 5 different type of noodles. What a fun hang that would be! 

So this has: Garlic Parmesan Noodles, Drunken Noodles, Chicken Chowmein [REPRESENT], Tomato Basil Pasta and Skinny Alfredo Pasta.

[Also for the uninitiated SweetGreens is the same place that did drunken noodles and beetroot tacos at Karachi Eat. They don’t have a dine-in place and are delivery/takeaway only. They are also known to do weekly meal plans. They have a slight health/nutrition focus in their food. Okay that’s it for the intro.]

The Deal: A platter with 5 different types of noodles for Rs. 2250 + Tax. 

Where: SweetGreens, Khayaban e Bukhari (behind Springs Store – Delivery/Takeaway only)

See: Complete Menu


It's a Taco & Quesadilla Thing

Tacocat Iftar Deal In Karachi

We are taco people. We see anyone doing tacos and get excited. It’s just such a fun, flavourful snack. However the deal at Tacocat has quesadillas too – for people who want more.

So tacos for the fun, quesadilla for the satiety and a lemonade to remove all evidence. We quite like the sound of that. Price: Rs. 1490 + Tax. 

The Deal: Get any two tacos + 2 slices of quesadilla, a lemonade or soft drink for Rs. 1490 + Tax

Where: Tacocat, Khayaban e Nishat

See: Complete Menu


Iftar Platter

Evergreen Iftar Platter 2023

This Iftar Platter at Evergreen we actually tried recently and LOVED. The gluten-free fruit trifle is seriously a magical concoction and we loved that it had strawberries which brought in the tang. The dahi baray and quinoa chaat were individually great. The wasabi beef crostinis were so good and the wholewheat grilled chicken sandwich too! Already planning to go again for this.

The Deal: The platter has wasabi beef crostini on ciabatta, parmesan crusted samosas, grilled vegetable samosas, gluten free fruit trifle, classic hummus, carrot hummus, dahi barray with tamarind chutney, quinoa and chickpea chaat and whole wheat grilled chicken sandwich. Served with crispy pita bread and crunchy vegetables. Price: Rs. 3,200 + Tax.

It is easily good for 2-3 people.

Where: Evergreen, at Khayaban e Seher. To order, click here:

See: Complete Menu and Location


So Many Donut Burgers

2Guys1Grll Iftar Deals in Karachi

If you have seen our list of Best Burgers In Karachi you’d know we absolutely love the OG beef donut burger from 2Guys1Grll and this Iftar Box gets you 5 OG beef mini donut burgers and 5 with fried chicken. AND hot sriracha fries. AND chicken tenders.

All for Rs. 3,100 + Tax.

We’d eat.

The Deal: 10 mini donut burgers (5 OG Beef, 5 Fried Chicken DBs) + 1 Hot Sriracha Fries + 4pcs Chicken Tenders + Dip for Rs. 3,100 + Tax

Where: 2Guys1Grll, at Khayaban e Bukhari and Shaheed e Millat. To order, click here:

See: Complete Menu and Location


Bingsu -
A Dessert Break

Bingsu for two for Rs. 1000

A dessert break is necessary. This deal at Bingsu lets you order 2 Bingsu (any flavour) for Rs. 1000. Our go to flavours: strawberry cheesecake and mocha bingsu. 

The Deal: Get two Bingsu (any flavour) for Rs. 1000

Where: Bingsu, at Khayaban e Nishat

See: Complete Menu and Location


The Verge -
Iftar + Dinner Deal

The Verge Iftar Dinner menu in Karachi

The Iftar + Dinner deal at The Verge delivers good food and so deserves to be on the list. Normally when restaurants make platters they sometimes fill it up with hardly edible or boring items but that’s not the case here.

This particular deal has an Iftar Platter (that is meant to be shared but can be refilled), individual mains, gelato and rose lemonades. 

The Iftar Platter had tacos (really liked the beef ones), kale pakora (this was crispy), mac n cheese balls and smashed potatoes with sour cream (the best thing on the appetiser front) and chilli calamari and lobster croquettes. For mains, we really like their cheeseburgers so opted for that instead of the bone marrow burger. The gelato and rose lemonade was alright.

The Deal: The combo is for Rs. 2450 + Tax.

Where: The Verge, at Khayaban e Bukhari.

See: Complete Menu and Location


No Lies Fries -
Iftar Halves

No Lies Fries - Iftar Deals in Karachi

No Lies Fries does good burgers consistently and their recent additions: Grilled Cheese and Roast Beef Burger are even better.

Their Iftar Deal lets you share half of each (per person), along with fries and chicken bites. We actually think it’s a cool idea and reduces waste while letting you try two different flavours.

The Deal: The Deal is for Rs. 2520 + Tax

Where: No Lies Fries – at Khayaban e Nishat and Shaheed e Millat

See: Complete Menu and Location


Mariyah's Den -
20 Dumplings

Mariyah's Den Iftar Deal

Our one wish in life is to have 20 dumplings in one go and this Iftar Platter at Mariyah’s Den lets you do that.

The Deal: Rs. 2600 for 20 assorted dumplings

Where: Mariyah’s Den, at Zamzama

See: Complete Menu and Location


YumByAmna Cafe
The Munchies Platter

YumByAmna - Munchies Platter

For many, Iftar is definitely about munching on delicious snacks and this platter by YumByAmna gets you that. It has an assortment of vol au vents, stuffed chicken bread, beef empanadas, and two baklava tarts.

The Deal: Rs. 4,950 + Tax

Where: YumByAmna Cafe, at Khayaban e Seher

See: Complete Menu and Location


Cafe Chatterbox
Iftar Deal

Cafe Chatterbox - Ramazan Deal

Cafe Chatterbox has made a comeback in our lives. The place is nostalgic but does decent food. 

Their current deal offers an iftar platter (which has a mix of chaat, samosas and sandwiches) and lets you order one main, one hot beverage and gets you a trio of desserts.

The Deal: The Iftar + Dinner combo is for Rs. 1995 + Tax

Where: Cafe Chatterbox, at Khayaban e Muslim

See: Complete Menu and Location


Chop Chop Wok
Ramadan Deal

Chop Chop Wok Iftar Deals In Karachi

Chop Chop Wok‘s 3-step wok has always been iconic and this ramadan deal lets you add a starter (spring roll or dumplings), a fruit bowl, gelato and lemonade to that. For Rs. 1,590 + Tax.

We can’t think of a reason to miss out on this. 

The Deal: The Ramadan Deal for Rs. 1,590 + Tax

Where: Chop Chop Wok, at Khayaban e Badar and Tipu Sultan

See: Complete Menu and Location


Caffe Praha
Iftar Platter

Caffe Praha‘s Iftar Platter has Euro Club, Dynamite Chicken Brioche, Korean Sticky Wings, Chicken Bao, Dirty Chilli, Chicken Strips, Fries, Grapes and Dates.

We personally haven’t tried this but if you do let us know what you think below.

The Deal: The platter is for Rs. 3,495 + Tax

Where: Caffe Praha, at Estreet 

See: Complete Menu and Location

Okay so here it is. Some of the iftar deals in Karachi that caught our attention.

Which one is speaking to you more? Let us know below.

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