10 Places To Order Iftar Platters From In Karachi

Iftar Platters in Karachi 2024

While “all-you-can-eat” buffets may not be the norm in Ramazan anymore, iftar platters in Karachi are quickly taking their place in terms of popularity. From dumpling boxes to chaat platters, there seems to be an iftar platter for everything. However, not every platter is worth it. We present to you some of the best and most interesting ones in Karachi at the moment.

Iftar Platters To Try In Karachi

The 'Mohan Lal' Chaat Platter
at Sweet Greens

Sweet Greens Chaat Platter for Ramazan in Karachi

The ‘Mohan Lal’ Chaat Platter by Sweet Greens blew us away with how good it was. While it seemed to have the classic iftar items like khattay aloo, chaat and dahi barray, it really put its own spin on each of the items and made sure to amp all of them flavour-wise so the end result was just perfection.

The platter included:

– spicy potato box patties (the potatoes were perfectly seasoned with a little bit of heat stuffed inside a crispy box patties exterior)

– the chaat was a mixed bean and lentil chaat – again spot on with the flavours, tanginess and spice.

– the dahi baray had a tamarind chutney and papri topping which made it amazing.

– then there was the khattay aloo

– the beetroot chicken wraps

– and dips

Order here: Sweet Greens

Price: Rs. 2100 (including tax) 

The Iftar Box by

This Iftar Box has been a favourite over the years because the donut burgers are one of our favourite burgers in Karachi. In this box, you get 10 mini donut burgers. They are similar to sliders in size but still delicious and filling. The tender chicken pieces (you get 4 in a box) are great – especially when you pick the box fresh and so are the sriracha fries. Another iftar box which is a 10/10, in our opinion.

Order here: 2Guys1Grll

Price: Rs. 3300 + Tax

The Ramadan Platter
at Evergreen

Evergreen Iftar Platters in Karachi

The Ramadan Platter at Evergreen is also quite delicious with their popular beef and wasabi crostinis (the best thing on the platter), the classic and the carrot hummus, parmesan crusted samosas, grilled chicken sandwiches, dahi barray with pickled onions and tamarind chutney, a quinoa and chickpea chaat AND a gluten free bread pudding. You will find yourself not getting bored with the variety of things on offer.

Order here: Evergreen Cafe – 0213-5841288/9

Price: Rs. 3800 + Tax

The 'Basic' Bao Iftar Platter

Basic Ramadan Platter

Basic – a restaurant in Karachi that has been a favourite over the years because of their very creatively curated menu, also has an iftar platter. The baos – one of their most popular items are amazing and you get to choose 8 of them in the iftar box. Our favourite flavours being the Taiwanese and the Korean fried chicken baos. In addition to 8 baos, you also get 2 servings of patatas bravas and overall it sounds like a hearty meal to us.

Order here: Basic

Price: Rs. 3500 + Tax

The Taco Cat Iftar Platter

We always found Tacocat a tad bit expensive but their deals really solve that problem for us. They have quite a few this time around but this one particular one is what we would recommend.

The one with loaded tortilla chips, three tacos (any) and a drink for Rs. 1850. We tried this out and even though we got two more tacos added between two people, the deal really helped kept the overall spend reasonable. Overall – a good experience!

Order here: TacoCat – the outlet at Khayaban e Nishat. We think these deals might be just dine-in.

Price: Rs. 1850

The Iftar Box
By Mariyah's Den

Mariyah's Den Dumplings Box for Ramazan in Karachi

The idea of having 20 dumplings – yes 20 – just sounds rad to us. Okay fine, we’d share too but yeah. We hope this is available on dine-too too so you can ask for extra chilli oil.

Order here: Mariyah’s Den  0331-2782238

Price: Rs 2700

The 'Iftar Menu' at Koel Cafe

Koel Cafe Iftar Deal

Okay so this isn’t exactly an iftar platter but at the same time the iftar deal at Koel Cafe doesn’t sound like a math problem and it’s actually quite easy to understand so it’s making the list.

Price: Rs. 2500 + Tax

Order Here: Koel Cafe – the outlet in Clifton

Iftar Deal at Koel Cafe

The Smart Iftar Box
at Angheeti

This is for the desi food fans and while your brain may think I can get one full serving of a dish I enjoy in this price, the Angheeti Smart Box platter lets you partake in a variety of things so we guess that’s the point. The box has a one-person serving of makhni handi, chicken pulao, chicken bihari boti, malai boti, plain naan and kheer. You could share but probably, begrudgingly. 

Order here: Angeethi

Price: Rs 1750

The Iftar Platter
at Pronto By Eatalia

Iftar Platter by Pronto

To be honest, we didn’t find a lot of information about this platter but we stan Eatalia, so we are hopeful that this is good. Though to be fair, if you are going to Eatalia – just order the pizza.

Order here: Pronto by Eatalia

Social Crabs Iftar Platter

Social Crabs Iftar Platter Karachi

Anytime we hear of ‘Social Crabs’, we start craving their fish biryani. However, their iftar platter sounds even more awesome.

Our picks from the mains would definitely be mutton chops, chicken curry noodles and fish biryani of course. However, the deal lets you order one main – so take lots of friends with you. 

Order here: Social Crabs

Price: Rs. 2500 + Tax

Iftar Platter at Social Crabs

Here are some of the iftar platters and deals in Karachi that caught out eye. Which one is speaking to you more? Let us know in the comments below! 😀

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