9 Strawberry Desserts To Try in Karachi

Strawberry Desserts in Karachi

Can you tell we loveeee strawberry season because of all the strawberry desserts that it brings to Karachi. From tarts and eclairs to tres leches and now – even donuts! Here are all the desserts we have tried so far to pick our favourites. 

Strawberry Desserts in Karachi

Strawberry and Toasted Almond Cake

strawberry and almond cake in Karachi by Mahrukh's Kitchen

This cake is honestly perfection. While we love a simple fruit and cream cake, the toasted almond notes really gives it a delightfully complex flavour. Sometimes, a bite just consists of fruit and cream, sometimes it makes you feel like you are having a crunch cake and then you also get a strawberry and almond pairing in a bite and it just is so good. This was by far our favourite strawberry dessert this season.

What also helps is that the cake and cream aspect of it is also spot-on. A moist sponge paired with a mildly flavoured vanilla cream. 

Brand: A home-based business, Mahrukh’s Kitchen. Takes pre-orders on Instagram.

Price: Rs.6,500

Order here: Mahrukh’s Kitchen


Strawberry Tres Leches

strawberry tres leches by Loaf Out Loud Desserts in Karachi

A tres leches is honestly made more superior by the addition of fresh strawberries on top. While the cake itself is drenched in a three-milk mixture and is mostly creamy and sweet, the tanginess of the strawberries really makes it the best flavour pairing of all-time.

Here are some of our favourites places you can get it from: Loaf Out Loud, Imperial Cakes, Yum By Amna Bakery

Price: Rs. 3,000 and above (depending on the size and brand)

Godiva Chocolate Mousse with Fresh Strawberries

Godiva Chocolate Mousse with Strawberries in Karachi

This box overall really blew us away. The sight of 6 dark chocolate mousse cups – we opted for both Godiva and Lindt chocolate and preferred the mousse with Godiva – with fresh strawberries and flowers honestly lifts up your entire day-week-year. The dark chocolate mousse itself is really smooth but also has that airy texture, the flavours are on point with the richness of the dark chocolate but it’s has a little sweetness (so not overtly bitter like cocoa)

Strawberry and chocolates go hand in hand and for us this is the best way to enjoy that pairing.

Brand: Mrs Patty 365 – a home-based business that makes this on pre-order

Price:  Rs 4000 (for the Godiva box) and Rs. 3,500 (for the Lindt box)

Order here: Mrs Patty

Strawberry Medovik (Russian Honey Cake)

Strawberry Medovik - Russian Honey Cake by CakeMyDay in Karachi

This is probably the best Medovik (Russian Honey Cake) you can have in Karachi – It is has intricate layers and flavour notes of honey – paired with fresh strawberries and cream. Very different from your usual fruit and cream cake but worth trying.

Brand: Cake My Day PK

Price:  Rs 5750

Order here: Cake My Day PK

Strawberry Trifle
by Project EM

A classic strawberry dessert – the strawberry trifle with the sponge cake layers being made by lady finger biscuits (as in a tiramisu). The custard itself is the strongest point about the trifle – it is very balanced in sweetness and has that thick creamy consistency, topped with fresh strawberries. A delicious pairing.

Brand: Project EM

Price:  Rs 3500

Order here: Project EM

Strawberry Tart

Strawberry and White Chocolate Tart by yumbyamna cafe - Strawberry Desserts in Karachi

A strawberry tart is a classic strawberry dessert – This tart though has a base of white chocolate instead of custard. Worth trying.

Brand: Yum By Amna Cafe

Price:  Rs 1050 

Order here: cafe.yumbyamna.com

Strawberry Eclairs

Strawberry and Custard eclairs

We loved the chocolate eclairs at Project Em and the strawberry eclairs were very good too. We definitely think the strawberries can be more in the eclairs though.

Brand: Project Em – a home-based business.

Price: Rs.1350 for 6

Order here: Project EM


Strawberry Ice Cream Cake

strawberry ice cream cake by lush crush

The Strawberry Ice Cream Cake was very exciting. This has a layer of cake, a layer of strawberry preserve/jam, a huge layer of ice cream and is topped with more strawberry preserve. This just needs to be thawed a bit and it’s perfect for consumption. A little on the sweeter side of things because of the ice cream + cake + strawberry element.

Brand: Lush Crush

Price: Rs. 3000

To order: Lush Crush


Strawberry Three Milk Donut

Strawberry Desserts in Karachi - Three Milk Donut

We were really excited to try this because store-bough donuts are sometimes dry and this promised a three milk center. However, there was a lot going on here in terms of different elements and it didn’t end up translating into anything flavourful. The donut had a base of chocolate and had a filling of strawberry jam and was topped with cream and strawberries. All of these – flavour wise – clashed so it ended up tasting like just any other donut.

Price: Rs 360

Order here: OD Pakistan

Special Mention:

Strawberry Tart by Mrs Patty 365

Strawberry Tart by Mrs Patty 365

These strawberry desserts in Karachi are what we tried! Really excited about trying more before the season ends. One thing we would definitely buy again are the strawberry tres leches, the mousse box with fresh strawberries and the strawberry almond cake.

Which one is more your type? Let us know if you have a favourite that we should check out.

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