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Social Crabs Menu in Karachi

Social Crabs, a relatively new restaurant in Karachi did the gutsy thing of keeping their menu solely focused on seafood. You get crabs, mussels, prawns, fish and even daal chawal and fish biryani but – no chicken. If you have always lived in Karachi you would know how big of a deal that is. Most steakhouses here who proudly own red meat in their menu still hide a chicken entree under a kids section or chicken strips in their appetisers. No place hardly ever not has it. However, Social Crabs is different.

First Up: Here is what the Social Crab Menu looks like: [updated Feb 2024]

Social Crabs Menu 1 Karachi
Social Crabs Page 3 Menu

Second, What Are The Must-Haves at Social Crabs, Karachi? [Recommendations]

Best Thing On The Menu: Fish Biryani

This fish biryani is easily a crowd pleaser. Just look at that fried pyaaz and hari mirch on top. It is perfectly spiced, tastes like actual biryani and the boneless fish inside ensures you don’t even have to stop to take out bones. You can just go at it. 

Rating: 9/10

Second Best Thing On The Menu: Fish Tacos

These fish tacos were so good! A lot better than tacos we have had anywhere else. The fried fish was on point and paired with condiments like sauces, onions, peppers and slaw – it was the most unexpectedly pleasing thing at the dinner table.

Rating: 9/10

Fish Tacos

THIRD: Tawa Prawns

Personally I am allergic to prawns but my dad would just not let go of these. He enjoyed the masala on it and it seemed to be fresh.

Rating: 8.5/10

Tawa Prawns

Fourth: Dal Chawal with Fried Fish

If you have made it thus far you would know there isn’t a single bad thing on the menu. This dal chaawal was also really good. The dal was the home-made style one and served with fried fish.

Rating: 9/10

Dal Chaawal with Fried Fish

What Time Do I Go?

They open at 7PM. We think early dinner would be the best time to go.

Where is Social Crabs? [Location]

They have one restaurant at Phase 8, next to Creek Mart.

Google Pin: https://maps.app.goo.gl/sBbUrrfw2RbYkk6s5

Contact: 0339 3258760

Online Ordering: www.socialcrabs.com

Thoughts Overall

This is a homey spin on seafood in Karachi. While most places go the crab gratin or seafood chowder route and call it a day, this place has taken the time to develop an extensive menu consisting of nostalgic food items we have grown eating as well as contemporary takes on popular seafood items. 

The menu also doesn’t just stick to prawns and fish – it also has crabs, mussels and lobsters. One of the few places in Karachi that seem to have a solid all-rounder menu. The place is also family-friendly and also hosts art workshops over the weekend. For more details, DM them on their instagram.

Have you been to Social Crabs in Karachi? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations below!

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