A Complete Guide To Ordering At Snacc in Karachi [Updated Menu]

snacc karachi menu

Snacc is the newest eatery on the bloc that has a menu consisting of classic comfort foods but with a modern twist on them inspired by new trends. Think: Mac N Cheese, Korean Fried Chicken, Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs with Cheetos and more. They originally used to be located in Maskan but have now moved to Khayaban e Bukhari with their dine-in space.

Here is what the Snacc Menu looks like: [updated September 2023]

Snacc Menu Page 1
Snacc Menu Page 2 Karachi
Snacc Menu Page 3
Snacc Menu Page 4
Snacc Menu Page 5

What Time Do I Go?

Their operational hours are 1PM to 12AM. 

Where is Snacc? [Location]

They have one outlet at Khayaban e Bukhari.

Google Pin: https://goo.gl/maps/kFenM4jX7ryBVPie9

Contact: 0331 2431391

So What Do I Order from Snacc Menu?

1. Mac N Cheese

The Mac N Cheese at Snacc are more saucy than cheesy but work flavour-wise. This Mac N Cheese we tried had a creamy chilli sauce that really brought the heat and it was paired with korean fried chicken which really complemented it. Overall – a well-seasoned and satisfying meal.

Mac N Cheese in Karachi

2. Korean Fried Chicken

This is also a good place to order a Korean Fried Chicken. A lot of places initially had this on the menu but over time they have fizzled out. However, the one at Snacc really works in terms of both presentation, serving size and taste.

Korean Fried Chicken in Karachi

3. Hot Dogs

The Hot Dogs here don’t stand out because of the quality of the sausages but the overall recipe make them really flavourful. They had various toppings for their range of hot dogs – this one had bolognese and cheese on top.

Hot Dogs In Karachi

These are our recommendations from what we have tried at Snacc so far. If you want to contribute or send us your review or recommendations – you can leave a comment below and we will consider adding it to the piece with credits to you – if it holds up.

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