Fiz & Bob: A sandwich shop taking over Karachi

Fiz & Bob Roastwich

Who doesn’t like a sandwich? Fiz & Bob is a small family-run sandwich shop in Khayaban e Badar that has become popular for the way they do smoked meat sandwiches. They debuted in Karachi Eat, one of the biggest food festivals in the city, and were one of the few food stalls that stood out.

Currently, they have a small dine-in outlet at Khayaban e Badar and also do takeaway and deliveries.

Where is it in Karachi?

When does it open?

10am to 11pm

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Pastrami by Fiz & Bob
Roastwich by Fiz & Bob
Fiz & Bob Menu

They now do a host of sandwiches, in-house sauces and french fries but here is what we really recommend you get from them:

– The Roast Beef sandwich, called the Roastwich. This smokiness on the beef is immaculate and it goes so well with the toasted ciabatta and their dijon mustard. One of our favourite beef sandwiches to have in the city.

– Next up is their Pastrami sandwich, also stellar because of the quality of meat. It is meatier and more hefty than their Roastwich and would be a great order for any pastrami fan. There aren’t many places in Karachi that make their own.

– We also recommend keeping a jar of their dijon mustard in your fridge in case you are assembling a sandwich at home. It adds that extra zing and sharpness to any meal. It retails for Rs. 450.

Have you been to Fiz & Bob in Karachi? Let us know your recommendations and thoughts below.

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