7 Places Making Spooky Halloween Treats in Karachi

Halloween Treat

Spooky season is upon us and whether you like to bring your A-game to a Halloween party with the scariest costume you can find or curl up in your bed with a movie of your choice, there is always room for a delicious Halloween-themed dessert. Here are 7 places conjuring up spooky yet delicious Halloween treats in Karachi this year.

7 Places In Karachi Doing Really Cool Halloween Treats

1. Wicked Sugar Cookies By Lal's

Halloween Sugar cookies By Lal's

Dibs on the sugar cookie that says, “Boo!“. Halloween themed sugar cookies are a great way to set the mood and to get everyone munching on a spooky treat. Lal’s has a bunch of Halloween treats planned for this year including sugar cookies, cake pops and cupcakes. Choose your pick.

2. Halloween Doughnuts By Easy

Easy Halloween Doughnuts Treats

Have you ever heard the term, “scary yet delicious“? Neither have we, though looking at these doughnuts by Easy, we can see that it is definitely a thing. Get a box of 6 doughnuts for Rs.1500. Easy also has other Halloween bundles that you might want to check out.

3. Witchy Halloween Macarons By Coco9

Halloween Macarons by Coco9

Macarons but make them witchy. Absolutely digging the colour palette on these macarons by Coco9. Which one will be your pick?

4. A Spooky Halloween Cake By YumByAmna

Spooky Cake By YumByAmna Halloween

This cake by YumByAmna is sure to get everyone talking, or running┬ádepending on their opinion of a cake ghost. We think it’s pretty cute! What about you?

5. A 'Mummy' Mini-Cake by Zoya Marri

Zoya Marri Halloween Treats

A Mummy-themed mini cake that is 5 inches in diameter could just be the Halloween treat we were looking for. These mini cakes and cupcakes come in different flavours and look menacing but… tempting? Get them at ZoyaMarri.

6. A Halloween Themed Gift Basket By Test Kitchen

Halloween Treat

Test Kitchen is doing a Halloween themed gift basket this year with an assortment of goodies including their sourdough and multiseed bread, 4 of their Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies, their Halloween Special Rocky Road chocolate, Casper Meringue Cookies (3), a jar of tomato chutney, 2 Test Kitchen teacakes and 2 spooky cake pops. What’s not to like?

7. Scary Cupcakes by Batter & Dough

Batter & Dough is doing a box of Halloween themed cupcakes that is sure to have something for everyone. We just need an excuse to have cupcakes anyway! Order these on their insta.

Which Halloween treat did you think was the most creative? Let us know in the comments below.

Halloween treat


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