The Best Kachori Places In Karachi

the best kachori places in karachi

Is there anything better than the combination of fresh, crispy kachoris filled with daal and served with aloo ki tarkari? We think not. Finding them in Karachi is the biggest joy AND they are actually one of the cheapest snacks you can buy with a serving of 2-3 kachoris amounting to hardly Rs. 50 – 75. We recently went on a food run to find the best kachori in Karachi and here is how we would rank the places we tried them from.

Also please note: This is developing list and we will be adding more places.

The Best Places For Kachori in Karachi

Shahid Kachori House
(Passport Office)

Passport Office Kachori in Karachi

This is one of the most popular places you can have kachori at in Karachi and it’s also really good. Crispy kachoris with a generous dal filling and served with aloo tarkari. Their version also comes with pyaaz and chutney which amped up the overall flavour. 

Shop Name: Shahid Muhammad Ali Kachori

Directions: near Passport Office (opposite Rapid Security Guard shop)

Location Pin:

Price: Rs 20 per kachori

Rating: 10/10

Contact: 0345-6101141, Shahid

Timings: Open 12PM onwards


Fresco Clifton

Fresco Clifton Kachori in Karachi

The kachori at Freso really took us by surprise. It goes really well with their tarkari and even though it has no add-ons, it is perfect. 

Shop Name: Fresco Clifton

Directions: near Teen Talwar, opposite Bombay Light House and United King

Location Pin:

Price: Rs 25 per kachori

Rating: 10/10

Contact: 02135214726

Timings: Open 12PM onwards

Sadiq Kachori Shop

Sadiq Kachori House opposite Ghaffar Kebab House

Another good place to have Kachori. More popularly known as Riaz Masjid Kachori, this place serves a generous plate of tarkari and their kachoris are made on the spot. They open at 12PM everyday.

Shop Name: Sadiq Kachori Shop

Directions: opposite Ghaffar Kebab House

Location Pin:

Price: Rs 25 per kachori

Rating: 8/10

Contact: 0333 2463397

Timings: Open 12PM onwards

Jeddah Foods, Boat Basin

Kachori at Jeddah Biryani, Boat Basin Karachi

Jeddah Biryani starts making kachori 3pm onwards. They are a little more expensive than other places on the list with each kachori for Rs. 50 but still really good.

Shop Name: Jeddah Biryani

Directions: at Boat Basin

Location Pin:

Price: Rs 50 per kachori

Rating: 8/10

Contact: 0335 2290903

Timings: Open 3:30 PM onwards

Bismillah Kachori, Tariq Center

Bismillah Kachori, near Tariq Center

If you are looking to have kachori at breakfast, this is the place. It opens at 7am. We liked the tarkari here. This place is located at Mohammad Ali Society.

Shop Name: Bismillah Restaurant and Nimco

Directions: near tabba chowrangi, mohammad ali society

Location Pin:

Price: Rs 25 per kachori

Rating: 7/10

Contact: 0343 3810829

Timings: Open 7am onwards

These are all the kachori places we tried so far in Karachi! Really excited for trying more because kachori is so under-rated as a snack and delicious! Tell us your favourites in the comments below and we will for sure check them out and add them to the list if they make the cut.

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