Want To Learn A New Skill? Creative Workshops To Attend in Karachi

Creative Workshops To Attend in Karachi

People always say there is nothing to do in Karachi, other than eat. We humbly disagree. Not only are there a host of events happening every week, there are also creative workshops, retreats and fun classes that you can take. You just need to know where to look and if you don’t, you can just keep this website link bookmarked.

Workshops in Karachi

Cooking Classes
in Karachi

Cooking Classes in Karachi

These are some of the funnest cooking classes I have ever attended. These usually happen over the weekends and they announce the new classes on social media. Follow them on Instagram to keep updated about the next ones!

Location: Clifton, near Boat Basin

Book: DM @chefbrendannoronha

Cost: Rs. 7000 per class, including all ingredients and supplies

Mirror Painting

If you are tired of ruining your mirrors with accidental permanent markers usage, maybe consider signing up for this mirror painting workshop in Karachi to make your mirrors pretty again. Dad jokes apart, you can also book a custom workshop session for your birthdays or special occasions here.

Other workshops that happen at Art Barnn: Totebag painting workshop

Location: PECHS, Block 6

Book: DM @artbarnn

Dance Classes
in Karachi

A Bollywood inspired dance class featuring a new choreography every session. Ladies only. The classes here also happen very regularly. Follow them on Instagram to keep updated about the schedule!

Fees: Rs 2200 per class

Location: Sitaara Dance Co – Clifton Block 5

Register: Send a DM to Sitaara Dance Co

Sketching & Painting

Hands-on art workshops ranging from sketching and painting to jewellery making and ceramics. They always have different fine art workshops ongoing. Follow their page to know their current schedules.

Location: Clifton Institute of Fine Arts, Block 4 Clifton

Register: Send a DM to Clifton Institute

Sushi Making Masterclass
at Tokyo Sushi Station

A three-hour immersive sushi masterclass with personalised guidance on sushi making techniques. The participants get to enjoy a complimentary meal and also get a gift hamper from Tokyo Sushi Station and a certificate.

When: takes place upon private booking

Fees: Rs. 14,000 for 2 people, 18,000 for 3 people and you can inquire about more packages.

Location: Tokyo Sushi Station

Register: Send a DM to Tokyo Sushi Station

Sound Baths and Sound Healing

Sound Bath and Healing in Karachi

Unwind with meditative sound baths and healing classes taught at The Cove. Follow their page to see their upcoming schedule.

Location: The Cove Yoga and Wellness Studio, Phase 4

Clay Therapy Classes

Clay Therapy Workshop by Mudpie Studio Creative in Karachi

From clay therapy workshops to ceramic art classes, Mud Pie Studio regularly conducts sessions around ceramics at different venues and also does private bookings for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries etc.

Location: Mud Pie Studio

These are some of the workshops in Karachi that look really unique and exciting to us. Which one of these is speaking to you more? 

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