A Valentine’s Gift Guide in Karachi for 2024

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Karachi in 2024

If it were up to us, every gift would be a food basket. However, for this Valentine’s Day, we tried to add more variety to the Gift Guide (for Karachi). So here it is, our list of reccs after scanning the depths of internet so you don’t have to.

Here goes:

Valentine's Day Gift Guide in Karachi For 2024.


Cake & Flowers

Pin & Dough Heart and Flower Box

Choosing heart and flowers is playing it safe but this personalised box by Pin & Dough makes a compelling case by getting its aesthetics just right. The cake is smol (so works great as a vehicle for a message) and of course, it is still cake. The flowers add a nice touch and make the box look more thoughtful. LFG.

Brand: Pin & Dough

Price: Rs.3,750 – Rs. 4,250 (depending on the flavour)

Order here: Pin & Dough


Macaron and Cookie Jar Set

Coco9 Macaron and Cookie Jar Set

This box-set deviates from what would be predictable but it still looks really cute with all the pink going on. It neatly packs five macarons and two themed cookie jars.

Brand: Coco9

Price: Rs. 4,000

Order here: Coco9 


Yearly Planning Kit

Blingspot Yearly Planning Kit

To the person who loves being organised and making to-do lists, this will make for an excellent gift. Comes in many different colours and features:

a dated yearly planner, a planner box, a calendar, a desk notepad, a mini notepad, pen, bookmark, sticky notes and a sticker sheet.

We are low-key geeking out.

Brand: Blingspot

Price: Rs. 5995

Order here: Blingspot

'Love Bired' Gift Box

Folia Gift for Valentine

If you are looking for something a little more high-end, this box by Folia might work for you. It packs a scented candle, heart-shaped cookies, greeting cards, a date night game and a chocolate bar.

Price:  Rs 16,200

Order here: Folia Creatives

A Chocolate Box Set

Raco Chocolate Box Set for Valentine's Gift in Karachi

When going with chocolates, choose Raco. These chocolates are local but the quality is unmatched. You can choose from a variety of flavours: dark, milk and other experimental flavours like Chai Biscuit, Pistachio and Cardamom etc.

Brand: Raco

Price: Rs.1700

Order here: www.racochocolate.com


Heart Macarons & Roses

This is a slightly more sappy option with the overtly red packaging and with the macarons being red also but if one appreciates macarons on Valentine’s Day, this is what you gotta do. This set of 5 macarons also comes with a bouquet of roses and white daisies.

Brand: Maccarron

Price: Rs.4500

To order: www.maccarron.com



Dips and Snack Board

Asorte Grazing Boards

If the idea is to evade the restaurant crowd and opt for a quiet picnic, this dips and snack grazing board would come in handy. This grazing board by Asorte has 4 dips, and munchies like: chips, bread sticks, toasted baguette, crisp veggies and crackers. The dips are: Tuscan dip, Whipped Feta, Chilli Labneh and Cajun Spice Dip.

Brand: Asorte

Price: Rs. 6,500 for the grazing board

Order here: Asorte

Chocolate Fondue Platter

Chocolate Fondue

This chocolate fondue platter comes with a set-up of melted chocolate (lets you light a small tea light candle underneath the ramekin) and a choice of things to dip in: crackers, brownies, strawberries and marshmallows. A great way to celebrate Valentine’s without reserving a dinner table at a packed restaurant.

Price: Rs. 11,500

Order here: Yum By Amna Bakery


'Love Stinks' Cupcakes

Love Stinks Cupcakes for Valentine's by Batter N Dough in Karachi

A friend going through Bumble fatigue or a break-up? These perfectly themed cupcakes might help articulate what they are feeling rn.

Brand: Batter & Dough

Price: Rs.450 per cupcake (pick-up only)

Order here: Batter N Dough

Gold-plated Heart Necklace

Retroririi Necklace

This heart necklace with a rose quartz in the midst is really speaking to us and would make for a great Galentine gift. It is gold-plated, tarnish free and water proof. Woof. 

Price: Rs. 5000

Order here: Retroririi

For The Boba-Obsessed Friend

Every gift doesn’t have to be as serious – sometimes it can just be a Boba Tea inspired airpod case.

Brand: Ali Express

Price: Rs. 900

Order here: Ali Express

Ceramic Mug and Coaster

Valentine's Gift in Karachi Heart Mugs

Very few people in life would be mad at receiving a cutesy ceramic mug and coaster set and that is what makes this the perfect gift.

Brand: Dugdugii

Price: Rs. 2,600 for the set

Order here: www.dugdugii.com


Beaded Heart Bag

Bagzbee Beaded Heart Bag Karachi

This ruby red beaded bag really encapsulates the valentine’s day aesthetic but also takes it up a notch by also being handmade.

Brand: BagzBee

Price: Rs. 2,850

Order here: Bagzbee



Gamer Cufflinks
by Esfir

Gamer Cufflinks

For the one who can’t stop playing – hopefully a video game. A sterling silver plated gamer cufflink in the shape of a PS5 mini sized controller. 

Brand: Esfir Jewels

Price: Rs. 5,600

Order here: Esfir Jewels


Valentine's Bracelet
by Takhleek

Takhleek Jewellry

Never a bad day to receive anything from Takhleek because their wearable pieces really stand out. Their Valentine line-up is also quite neat and include earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Brand: Takhleek Handmade Jewellery

Price: Rs. 999 for the bracelet

Order here: Takhleek Handmade Jewellery

For The Beauty and The Beast Fan

Mrs Potts from Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and The Beast might be a problematic story to refer to as romantic in 2024, but Chip Potts as a tea cup will be cute forever.

Brand: Ali Express

Price: Rs. 2,507 (shipping will also apply)

Order here: Ali Express

Artificial Flower in a Glass Dome

Flower in a Glass Dome with Lights

This Beauty and the Beast-esque flower is easy on the pocket but makes for a cute gesture. Actually might just fit into the reading nook in your home as well. 

Price: Rs 600

Order here: Daraz

Conversation Candles

conversation candles

If you want to get something really smol but fun, these conversation candles might be a good pick. These are strictly for decoration purposes though.

Brand: Dusk Candles

Price: Rs. 1,650

Order here: Folia Creatives


Bento Cake

Bento Cakes by Batch Bakehouse for Valentine's Gift in Karachi

If you just want to stick to getting a bento cake, here are all the places you can get one from: 

Batch Bakehouse, Pane & Amore, Lal’s


Quirky Greeting Cards

Envelope for Valentine's Gift in Karachi

Hallmark greeting cards, who? Super Salty Paper is one of our favourite artsy brand that does really cute stationery and keepsakes. Change things up a bit by pairing your gifts with spirited greeting cards.

Order here:  Super Salty Paper


Chocolate Lip-Balm

Chocolate Lip Balm

Um, this is an edible chocolate lip-balm? Low-key genius, but also… I’m concerned. Comes in flavours: dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Price: Rs. 500

Order here:  Coco9

Okay, so these would be our picks for Valentine’s Day Gift options in Karachi for 2024! BUT we’d also be on the lookout for adding new things – of course! Let us know your personal picks and which gift ideas you want to stay back in 2023? Comment below.

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