13 Creative Plate Designs That Will Instantly Make You Happy

ceramic plate designs

There is just something about a creative plate design that can get you really excited for a meal or sometimes as a piece of art you want to use to make a statement.

Here are 13 seriously cool ones to choose from! Which creative plate design is more your type?

13. These Floral Printed Plates Say "Retro" Like No Other

a floral plate

Price: Rs. 2,677

These summery, floral plates are sure to brighten up any space they are set in – as either a single or a set if you are going for that big makeover. The yellow flowers really pop out and when compared to boring plate options available, this looks quite inviting. It is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Also available are matching bowls and plates of different sizes.

Shop from AliExpress here. Price: Rs.2,677. Shipping: Rs. 3,563

12. A Ceramic Plate To Show Appreciation for The Cats In Your Life

Ceramic Cat Plate

Price: Rs. 3,160

Chances are – even if you are not a cat person – this cool set of plates might change that for you. This is also an example of when something is too pretty to eat in. Personally speaking, we might prop these up on a stand while eating from another set of crockery, because just look at it. A serious yet adorable work of art.

This is microwave, oven and dish-washer safe. Material: Ceramic.

Shop this from AliExpress here. Price: Rs. 3,160. Free Shipping.

11. A Wooden Sushi Plate That Gives Off Very Bougie Vibes

a wooden sushi plate

Price: Rs. 417

Sushi is one of those rare food dishes that definitely deserves and asks for that extra splurge. Why not dedicate an entire set of plates for them then? These wooden, oblong trays make for a great setting when you want sushi rolls to stand out.

Of course, when it comes to sushi, no sharing is the rule, so get everyone their own sushi trays!

A word of caution though: Never leave any wooden pieces submerged in water for a long time. Do a quick wash-off and pat dry after use.

Shop this from AliExpress here. Price: Rs. 417. Shipping. Rs 299.

10. A Plate That Is A Literal Definition of Sunshine, While Being An Ode To Cats

yellow cat ceramic plate

Price: Rs. 4,656

If you think you life has not seen enough sunshine lately, this creative plate design might be your next purchase. The happy yellow in there is quite uplifting and of course – the cats! unmissable and adorable.

This particular set has various designs and sizes, so click on the link below or above and choose your best pick.

This is microwave, dish-washer and oven safe.

Shop this from AliExpress here. Price: Rs 4,656. Shipping: Rs. 2,184.

9. The Plate That Would Make A Great Addition To The Spooky Season

pumpkin plate

Price: Rs. 3,052

Yikes! but in a good way. These pumpkin bowls would make a great addition to a Halloween themed feast or party but even after that. A microwave and dish-washer safe pumpkin bowl that you can use to serve dessert and bite-sized snacks in. It would probably also make a good house-warming present.

Shop this from AliExpress here. Price: Rs. 3,052. Shipping: Rs. 951

8. These Deep Blue Ceramic Plates That Are Sure To Remind You Of The Ocean

Japanese Style Dinner Plates

Price: Rs. 3,052

Do you want your plates to look calm and mysterious? These deeply blue, ceramic plates really give off that vibe because not only are they sturdy but that rich hue really draws you in. Also, these do look like a good size for dinner plates.

Shop from AliExpress here. Price: Rs.3,166. Free Shipping. Limited pieces left.

7. These Smol, Fruity Dessert Plates That Look Edible Themselves

a fruity dessert plate

Price: Rs. 1,292

Get you a dessert plate that looks like dessert itself. No seriously though, a cupcake on a cupcake plate? We are ALL for this aesthetic.

Shop from AliExpress here. Price: Rs. 1,292. Shipping: Rs. 3,450.

6. These Creative Plates For The Toast Lover In You

bread plate

Price: Rs. 2,151

When you are obsessed with the toast life and these toast-shaped plate serve as the perfect canvas. Look at that snug fit! A french toast on these would look amaze, right? 

These come in four different colours and are embossed.

Shop from AliExpress here. Price: Rs. 2,151. Shipping: Rs. 1,165.

5. A Cute, Floral Plate That Would Make Anything Look Good

rectangular fruit dish

Price: Rs. 969

This plate is an immediate yes. We can already picture fresh, hot samosas on it and there’s something beautiful about the visual.

This plate is 6-inches long.

Shop from AliExpress here. Price: Rs. 969. Shipping: Rs. 2,847

4. Plates in pink? Sign us up!

Price: Rs. 2,100

I guess the golden rule for the art of plate-collecting is that you definitely need one set in pink. Available to order in different sizes.

Shop from AliExpress here. Price: Rs. 2,100. Free Shipping.

3. These Bowls for Ramen That Look Like A Game-Changer

Price: Rs. 3,947

A sturdy, ceramic bowl that can house your ramen, noodle soups or rice bowls and look like THAT while doing it. Into it.

Shop from AliExpress here. Price: Rs. 3,947. Shipping: Rs. 1,261.

2. A Small Mickey Mouse Plate For The Child In You, or For Your Child LOL

mickey mouse plate

Price: Rs. 577

This Mickey Mouse shaped divided plate allows you to arrange various snacks around your main meal. Could be a fun way to do meal times with your children, or for yourself when you want a plate that can keep[sauces as well as fries. 

Shop from AliExpress here. Price: Rs. 577. Shipping: Rs.236.

1. This Egg Plate Is The Cutest, Everybody Go Home.

cute egg plate

Price: Rs. 1,781

Are you an egg-enthusiast and can’t live without having them for breakfast? This might be perfect for you.

This is microwave and dishwasher friendly. Dimensions: 6-inch.

Shop from AliExpress here. Price: Rs. 1,781. Shipping: Rs. 365 

Which of these is your favourite? Are you a plate-collector? Tell us about your obsession in the comments below. We are a safe safe for all plate-hoarders. 



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