The Best Gift Ideas for 2024 [Food Edition]

Gift Ideas 2023, grazing board by FarmJarsCo

We are retiring cakes as a gift idea for 2024. We have had too many chocolate malt cakes and Bombay bakery coffee cakes, bento cakes and also tres leches. It’s time to shake things up a bit. No, not you because you are probably reading this snuggled in your couch. We would really like to bring in new, fresh gift ideas for 2024 and here are a few humble suggestion.

Gift Ideas For 2024. Here goes!


Fudge Boxes By
Karachi Fudge Company

Fudge Squares from Karachi Fudge Company, Gift Ideas for 2023

Fudge is an interesting sweet that is chewy, almost like toffee but also melts in your mouth after the initial bite. It is made with butter, sugar and condensed milk mainly and stands out as a unique gift idea because they can be nicely packaged, look fun and also come in so many flavours. 

You can order these in coconut, rose & pistachio, caramel & vanilla, espresso, chocolate, peanut butter and more.

They also have a substantial shelf life and don’t necessarily have to be refrigerated. Besides, we could all do with more candy in life. 

Brand: Karachi Fudge Company

Price: Rs. 1,150 to Rs. 1,850 for fudge boxes (depending on flavour), Rs. 500 for fudge pouches.

Order here:


Chilli Crisp Labneh By

Chilli Crisp Labneh from FarmJarsCo.

A labneh is a yogurt cheese that has really upped our breakfast game. It is tangy, creamy and works amazingly well as a spread and as a dip. It is also lighter as compared to other kinds of cheese and is a good source of probiotics. Pair it with chilli crisp and you get the flavour combination of your dreams. Gift this one to your friends with a side of bread sticks or pita chips and they will thank you every time they snack or have breakfast. 🐵

Other flavours to also check out: Garlic & Herb

Brand: Farm Jars Co

Price: Rs. 850 per jar

Order here:

Coffee Blend
By BeanScene

Locally Roasted Coffee from Bean Scene Gift Ideas for 2023

For your friends who are always on the lookout for new coffee to try, this house blend by BeanScene will have them excited. Nefer, who brewed it with her Aeropress, wrote in her review on Karachi Coffee Community, “It is a full bodied roast which is something I prefer.” The tasting notes in this blend are described to have a sweet lingering acidity, hints of melon and cocoa nibs.

Brand: Bean Scene

Price: Rs.2,750 for 250g of blend.

Order here:


Ice Cream Cakes by
Lush Crush

Ice cream cakes by LushCrush, Gift Ideas for 2023

With this we want to make the case for #NotAllCakes. Yes we seem to have overdone cakes as gifts but ice cream cakes are fresh, new and exciting. Earlier you could get one by Shama’s Bakery but Lush Crush offering it is good news because now you can order these in different areas of Karachi AND you get a host of flavours to choose from. It is also one of our favourite places to have ice cream from in Karachi.

Some of the ice cream cake flavours we are excited to try are: Strawberry Shortcake, Mocha Cake, Orange Vanilla. They also have Oreo Vanilla, Triple Chocolate, Almond Praline, Pistachio Chocolate and Raspberry.

Brand: Lush Crush

Price: Rs 2490 – Rs 2600

Order here: Takeaway – Lush Crush outlets – Khayaban e Bukhari, Tipu Sultan and Gulshan

Macarons By

Macarons by Maccarron Gift Ideas for 2023

Macaron is a meringue-based confection that is crunchy on the outside but is soft inside. Like fudge, it is a smol, fun giftable and a nice break from chocolate. And of course, it comes in various flavours. A lot of places make macarons now but we really like the approach Maccarron takes with them. You can have colours, flavours and packaging customised and they have numerous options for each.

Some of their interesting flavours are: Baklava, Shahi Kulfa, Meetha PanFerrero Rocher, Ice Mint, Mango, Cardamom and Saffron Rose.

Brand: Maccarron

Price: Rs. 1,150 for a box of 6 signature macarons. 

Order here: Find them on foodpanda or drop by their outlet at Khayaban e Badar.


Fruit Roll-ups by
That Guy Arif

Fruit Roll-ups by That Guy Arif

Fruit roll-ups, one could describe as candy, except it is made with fresh fruits and with no added sugar or preservatives. The fruity combinations add spark to the snack and can be tangy, sweet or even spicy if you add a kick of tajin. 

Brand: That Guy Arif

Price: Rs. 700 to Rs. 750

Order here: Whatsapp 0332 3482618 for takeaway/deliveries. 

Chocolate Box Set by
Raco Chocolate

Raco Chocolate Box Set Gift Ideas

If you are a fan of dark chocolate and especially looking for one that is not just bitter, Raco Chocolate is the place for you. They have a whole range of flavours – new additions being keenu cookie, coffee toffee and chai biscuit. We are personally fans of their Tanzania 70% Dark. The best part, they already have a box set of 3 chocolate bars consisting of Tanzania 45% Milk, Tanzania 70% Dark and Dominican Republic 70% Dark that looks quite neat as a gift.

Oh and they have mini bars too!

Brand: Raco Chocolate

Price: Rs. 3000 for one box set, with 3 full chocolate bars. Rs. 500 for one mini chocolate bar.

Order here:

A Basket of Cheese by

Cheese Basket by Karacheese Gift Ideas for 2023

We tried really hard but just could NOT forget to have cheese representation on this list. What is a better gift than a collection of someone’s favourite, artisanal cheeses? Our ideal cheese basket would include: Cambrie (a mix of camembert and brie), Parmesan (everything needs to have a parmesan shaving topping), Mozzarella (for all the melts and bakes) and Burrata.

Brand: Karacheese

Price: depending on your selection of cheese

Order here:

Okay, so these would be our picks for gift ideas in 2023! BUT we’d also be on the lookout for adding new things – of course! Let us know your personal picks and which gift ideas you want to leave behind in 2022? Comment below.

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