13 Solid Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day This Year [2023]

Who run the world? Moms, obviously. And while no one should wait for that one day in a year to express love and gratitude to our madres, it can also be fun to do something on Mother’s Day – so here are some solid Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that we are putting together for you – you know if you were looking for inspiration or straight up links that you can directly ‘add to cart’ from.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For 2023. Here goes!


A Box of Sugar Free Goodies
By Gluten Free Foods

Sugar Free Food Basket By Gluten Free Foods

A customised box of baked goods is always a heart-warming sight and when you also need it to be sugar-free, get this one by Gluten Free Foods.

Brand: Gluten Free Foods

To Order: DM Gluten Free Foods’s Instagram or WhatsApp 0333 3118681


'Gulab' Scented Candle
By Dastangoi

A scented candle never goes out of style – so it makes for a classic gift. Our pick: This Gulab scented one by Dastangoi.

Brand: Dastangoi

Price: Rs.3,600

To order, click here

Beautifully Designed Prayer Mats
By Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios

Prayer Mat By Ghazal Pirzada Mother's Day Gift Ideas

If your mom is particular about her prayer mats, get her these creatively designed ones by Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios. Also, this is probably one gift that you won’t get scolded for. Lol.

Product: Creatively designed prayer mats

Brand: Ghazal Pirzada Creative Studios

Price: Rs.2800

To order, go to www.ghazalpirzada.com.

A 'Mor Bagh' Mirror
By Amaltas Studio

Mor Bagh Mirror by Amaltas Studio

This ‘Mor Bagh’ mirror will be a great statement piece for any room. We know you want this for yourself but get this for mom.

Brand: Amaltas Studio

Price: Rs 6000

To order: Find it on Polly and Other Stories’ website here.

A Coffee Mug

Round Mug - Geometric Difference for Mother's Day

If your mom has THAT one big mug of coffee or tea that she has been using forever but could also use an upgrade, get her this round ceramic mug painted with kashikari techniques in shades of blue. 

Brand: Polly & Other Stories

Price: Rs. 950

Order here: Polly and Other Stories

A Ceramic Blue Tea

When your mom is a woman of her words and… tea, this ceramic blue tea container might be that one gift that is as functional as it is pretty.

Brand: Premier Home

Price: Rs. 2219

Order here: https://click.daraz.pk/e/_C6cK97

A basket of assorted goods and jams
by Danny's Foods

Danny's Bread Basket as a Mother's Day Gift Ideas

We love a good food basket and we know it’s not about us, but also who doesn’t? This one has lots of nice things: plain cottage cheese, garlic butter, peanut butter, strawberry jam, date biscuits, chilli oil, cookies, multigrain bread, a balloon and a card.

Brand: Danny’s Foods

Price: Rs. 5800

To order, click here. 


This cute planter that delivers the message by My Cactus Romance

CUTE! That’s ALL. <3 

Brand: My Cactus Romance

Price: Rs. 3450

To order, click here. 


A floral journal by

If your mom loves making to-do lists, or grocery lists or writing positive affirmations or just journaling her bright ideas, a good quality bright floral journal may be the way to go.

Brand: Blingspot

Price: Rs. 645

To order, click here. 



A Mom-Child Clay Workshop
By Raanai Home

a clay workshop


Sometimes, trying your hand at a new skill with a friend or well, your mom can be fun. These mother-children clay workshop happening on 13th May 2023 is just in time to make a good Mother’s Day gift!

Brand: Raanai Home

Location: Hammer & Smith

Sign up here: instagram.com/raanaihome

Block Print Fabric

Block Print

Shopping for mothers requires some thought. She won’t just be happy with something that is trending but would probably also look for value. A block print fabric may just deliver both.

Brand: Embelle Textiles on Polly and Other Stories

Price: Rs 2200 – Rs 2500

Order here: https://www.pollyandotherstories.com/collections/fabrics

and go on a Chaat Run

Also, the best gift you can give is the gift of a shared experience or activity. Plan a day of exploration with your mom where you go sight seeing and then incorporate a nice meal at the end.

A visit to TDF Ghar and then chaat at Mirchili, perhaps? Or an early morning walk in the park followed by breakfast at Tooso? Do something you think “you don’t have time for”.

And lastly,
If you keep losing her food containers

All the containers that we promised to bring back home but didn’t? This might be an opportunity to gift your mom a new set of them! Well, at least four.

Brand: Premier Home

Price: Rs 2764 for a set of 4 containers

Order here: https://click.daraz.pk/e/_CUvx6D

We didn’t want to list down bread baskets from different places separately as that would have gotten too repetitive but if that’s what you want, then here are all the places you can find good ones: Test KitchenLoco, FLOC, Cote Rotie, Terra and yep… there you go!

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