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Terra Karachi - Menu, Location, Review

Terra Bistro is the newest restaurant on the Khayaban e Seher bloc in Karachi and the one thing that makes them stand out is how they haven’t relied on replicating sections of the Xander’s menu so there are actually things which look different and they make you curious about wanting to try them. It’s not just moroccan or tarragon chicken. Also, quite a decent amount of vegetable representation. There is Harissa Panini, Cheeky Carrots and Pumpkin Salad.

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Where is it in Karachi?

When does it open in Karachi?

It opens at 6PM onwards and Tues-Fri they have a business lunch menu which is operational 12PM to 4PM.

It is closed on Monday.

What should you order from Terra Karachi?

We are still taking our time to try the various things from the menu. However, this is our opinion on some of the things we have tried so far:

– The 15-hour potato. This is listed as a sideline on the menu but word about it has quickly spread because who doesn’t like potatoes. However, it is still a sideline and it won’t exactly wow you. It’s just a crispy potato with layers which is served with two generic sauces. It could be seasoned better so you don’t have to rely on the sauces too much.

– The Truffle Burrata Sandwich. I quite enjoyed the construction of it. Your first impression of the sandwich might be that it looks too dry but when you bite into there is enough juiciness from the roast beef, tomatoes and some of the sauces used around rocket leaves. The flavour notes of truffle do come through – the burrata is just there. However, as a sandwich as a whole – you have to give props to them for trying out a unique angle which also works.

– The Pesty White. This is another sandwich on their menu and has eggplant (yes), salami, pesto and mozzarella. I love eggplants and pesto so I was more excited about trying this but the truffle burrata sandwich is superior.

This sandwich looks cheesy and again I want to give them credit for incorporating eggplants and trying out a new sandwich combination but the flavours don’t exactly come through in an optimal way. The smokiness of the eggplant is made a little more heavy with pesto instead of being complemented. A tomato based sauce would work better BUT this is still a decent sandwich that I won’t really mind having again.

– Other things I’m excited about trying on the menu: The Chicken Pot Pie, The Yuzu Tart, The Terra Burger.

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What do you recommend people try from the Terra Karachi menu?

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