Venti Pizzeria – Menu, Location and Top Picks

venti pizza menu karachi

Venti Pizzeria, opened to public right in the middle of the pandemic and understandably, just offered takeaway and delivery. Sarwan Aly, the owner of Venti Pizzeria, says their pizzas borrow from both the Neapolitan and the New York style of pizza-making.

In the wake of other pizza franchises shutting down – the biggest one being Pizza Hut – people in Karachi have developed an appetite for pizzas that are not necessarily deep-pan and so it is not surprising that Venti has become quite a popular pizza place, especially with its emphasis on using fresh ingredients.

Here is Venti Pizzeria's menu.

[updated as of 8th October. Source: Instagram]

Venti Pizzeria Menu Karachi
venti pizza karachi

Venti - Location

Venti - Top Picks

1. Frank’s White Pie with Mushrooms – the best flavour at Venti at the moment

2. Umami Pepperoni – because you can’t go wrong with pepperoni

Get half and half.

Have you been to Venti? Let us know your experience or recommendations below.

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