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2Guys1Grll Donut Burgers 2G1G

2Guys1Grll rose to popularity when it launched donut burgers in Karachi. Even though the concept of having buns that had a sweet glaze on them was unusual for Karachi, the product still worked – partly because of how the recipe got the intricate balance of each component right and partly because of the buzz the brand generated every time they were at a food festival.

They recently expanded their menu to include burgers that look a little more traditional than donut burgers. However, there is still something about them that stands out. The buns are Japanese milk buns being baked by Coco9 and are said to be “fluffier and softer”.

Here is 2G1G's menu.

[updated as of 5th October. Source: Instagram]

2Guys1Grll Menu Karachi

What Do I Order at 2Guys1Grll?

3 things to order if you are at 2G1G:

– First up, are the donut burgers themselves or DBs as they are also sometimes called. Their original beef DB sells the most, however the fried chicken DB has its own separate fan base.

– From their new range, the 2G – Classic is the most beloved. It has a 120 gram beef patty, cheddar cheese, 2G sauce, caramelised onions, pickles and rocket leaves sandwiched in a Japanese milk bun. A melt-in-your-mouth affair.

– Third, you cannot miss ordering their fries – be it the regular straight cut fries or any of the loaded ones. Though the shaved beef and cheese fries are the most popular.

– Also under-rated is their maple mustard sauce and mozzarella sticks!

2Guys1Grll 2G1G burgers japanese

2Guys1Grll - Location 1 (DHA)

2Guys1Grll - Location 2 (Shaheed e Millat)

2guys1grll shaheed e millat 2G1G

There you have it! Our top recommendations from 2Guys1Grll. Have you been to 2G1G? Let us know your recommendations below.

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