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Bingsu is a dessert shop in Karachi that serves Korean shaved-ice desserts with various sauces and toppings. While it is rare to see places dedicated just for dessert do well, Bingsu has stood the test of time.

Currently their menu includes a mix of bingsu and binguccinos (blended ice drinks) and they also have hot chocolate in winter which is arguably even a bigger hit than the bingsus.

Here is Bingsu's menu.

[updated as of 5th October. Source: Outlet]

bingsu complete menu karachi
bingsu specials karachi

Bingsu - Location

Bingsu - Quick Recommendation

1. Chocolate Brownie Bingsu is the most-ordered and unanimously liked flavour, followed by Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsu.

2. Caramel Frappe Bingsu is an under-rated flavour.

3. Hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff – easily one of the best hot chocolate you can have in Karachi.

4. They also have a matcha bingsu.

Have you been to Bingsu? Let us know your experience or recommendations below.

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3 thoughts on “Bingsu – Menu, Location, Top Picks

  1. Tried Strawberry Cheesecake and Very Berry flavors at Bingsu. Both pretty nice.

    Hot Chocolate with Mashmallow Fluff (+ Rs. 50), is also definitely worth trying. I may like that more than the Bingsus.

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