2G1G launches new burgers with “Japanese Milk Buns”

2G1G new burgers menu karachi

In a move that can be seen both as an expansion and a departure from their existing line-up, 2guys1grll [2G1G] announced they are launching three new burgers and that they will have Japanese milk buns instead of donuts. 2G1G, always the stall with the longest queue in a food festival, rose to popularity because of their donut burgers, where the buns were actually donuts with a mildly sweet glaze on them.

Their new range titled, “Not just donut burgers” promises an expansion from their current offering while still not going the usual brioche or potato bun route that most burger places in Karachi feature. The Japanese milk buns are being baked by another food brand called Coco9, using the Yudane method of baking.

A website called “Chopstick Chronicles” which talks about authentic Japanese cooking, describes the baking method method as: “Yudane is made by mixing bread flour and hot boiling water. Adding hot boiling water gelatinises the starch. The starch then not only allows it take in more water but also increases the sweetness of it.”

2G1G says its new line-up of burgers is “bigger and bolder”. The three newly launched flavours are  2G – Classic Cheese, which is modelled around a classic cheeseburger, the 2G – Crispy Chicken, which has fried chicken and Asian slaw and the third, titled “Chilli Chim“, which uses the popular steak combination of beef and chimichurri but as a burger.

The burgers were soft-launched at Mashion Bazaar this weekend to a largely positive response if the long queue was any indication and they are now available to order from their two outlets: Khayaban e Bukhari and Shaheed e Millat.

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2G1G new burgers Classic Beef
2 guys 1 grll fried chicken burger

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