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Mamiche by Easy Menu

Mamiche is Easy re-branded. The interior now looks spacious and brighter and overall has a rustic vibe. The familiar ‘who run the world’ neon sign is gone. The display has been expanded to show you a bigger picture into what’s in stock – and now that has more than just donuts. Think: breads, carrot cakes, chocolate gateau and more. 

Here is what the Mamiche by Easy's Menu looks like: [updated Nov 2023]

Mamiche by Easy Menu 01
Mamiche by Easy Menu 02
Mamiche by Easy Menu 03
Mamiche by Easy Menu 04
Mamiche by Easy Menu 05
Mamiche Karachi Limited Menu

Ranking Everything We Tried From Mamiche by Easy's Menu

Best Thing On The Menu: Steak Au Poivre

This sandwich is one of the best steak sandwiches we have had in Karachi. The steak itself is succulent and it’s topped with garlic mushrooms, beef fat onions and chilli sauce, caramelised onions and gouda cheese. The crusty sourdough baguette it is sandwiched in makes it even greater – no notes.

If you have to order one thing at Mamiche, let it be this.

Rating: 9.5/10

Steak Sandwich by Mamiche by Easy

Second Best Thing On The Menu: Honey Cinnamon Toast

Think of a classic french toast but instead of being soft it is extra toasted and caramelised. Flavour notes: honey and caramel. This honestly makes for an awesome no-frills dessert. I’d pick this over a donut any day. 

Rating: 8.5/10

Honey Cinnamon Toast by Mamiche

THIRD: Grilled Cheese and Sikki’s Extravaganza Pizza

The grilled cheese (with a mix of gouda and mozz cheese) and Sikki’s Extravaganza pizza (which has pesto, roasted garlic, sundried tomatoes) use a good mix of ingredients but lack a punch.

In the grilled cheese, there can be something sharper that complements it and the Sikki’s Extravaganza pizza makes you wonder: where did the roasted garlic go. 

Overall – makes a good but not a great order.

Rating: 7/10

Grilled Cheese by Mamiche
Sikki's Extravaganza Pizza at Mamiche

Fourth: The Pub Style Burger

The ‘Pub Style’ has a perfectly cooked beef patty. It is juicy and succulent – exactly what you need it to be. However, the quantity of the fresh veggies in the burger overall makes it seem more like a clean eat. Think: a lot of lettuce, tomato, onions and rocket. 

The ‘double cheese’ in the description really had us imagining a greasy burger. But anyway –

Now you know what to expect.

Rating: 7/10

FIFTH: Atom Dip

We loved the flavours here. You can never really go wrong with labneh (strained yogurt) and a chilli crisp situation and the Turkish Simit here is beautiful. We ordered this twice and both times the sesame seed encrusted circular bread didn’t disappoint.

Why are we ranking it 5th? It is a great one-time order and we really want to keep a stash of Turkish Simit at our homes BUT the dip overall can easily be constructed at home and for that reason, this doesn’t feel like a mandatory choice, despite being delicious.

Definitely order it once though. And we hope the Simit can be there on the menu individually as they would be excellent with breakfast.

Rating: 8/10 (for the taste)

Atom Yogurt Drink

SKIP: Eggplant Fries 

We loved eggplants and fries – but eggplant fries this way were low-key unexciting. They were neither crisp, nor paired with a condiment that could make the eggplants palatable.

Also, Rs. 850 + Tax.

Rating: 5/10 

What Time Do I Go?

Their operational hours are 1PM to 10PM. 

Their menu seems more lunch-friendly than dinner. Best time for us to go would be 2PM to 3PM.

Where is Mamiche by Easy? [Location]

They have one outlet at Khayaban e Shahbaz.

Google Pin: https://maps.app.goo.gl/RCrq1ichbYwmXACT8

Contact: 021-37247510, 02137120950 

There is no website link for ordering at the moment and you can call at these numbers to get things delivered.

Thoughts Overall

– The rebranding is a welcome change and their focus on freshly baked goods and breads definitely takes into account what people nowadays gravitate towards.

– The price point can be considered a bit steep, with per head coming to: Rs.3,000 to Rs.3,500 on an average.

– Recommended for steak sandwiches, breads and freshly baked desserts on the display.

Have you been to Mamiche? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations below!

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