A Complete Guide to Ordering at Rajdhani Delights with Menu

Rajdhani Delights Menu in Karachi - South Indian Thaali

Rajdhani Delights is a place in Karachi that serves traditional thaalis with a mix of starters, chutneys, vegetarian dishes, drinks etc. and it has unlimited refills. If you are new to exploring Karachi’s food scene, Rajdhani Delights definitely deserves a spot on your list. Here is everything that you wanted to know about its menu, location and recommendations.

Here is the Rajdhani Delights Menu

The all-you-can-eat thali (with unlimited refills) mostly consist of vegetarian items and usually one chicken item, a mix of chutneys, starters, drinks and dessert. It also comes with roti, puri, papad and rice.

Currently there are two time slots for their unlimited thali buffet options – Lunch which is from 1PM to 4:30PM and Dinner which is from 7:30PM to 11:30PM.

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Here is what the Lunch Thali Buffet at Rajdhani Delights Looks Like In Pictures

When you are seated you are presented with an appetiser. We got a bowl of dahi baray, which was excellent and we asked for more later. 

Then they start filling up various containers of the thaali with condiments, daal, vegetables and also bring roti, puri and papar.

Traditional Thaali in Karachi

For drinks, they bring you a glass of namkeen lassi which is also very refreshing.

Towards the end they bring freshly made rice and one serving of a chicken dish.

Dahi Baray at Rajdhani Delights

At the very end they bring you kheer and you can also ask for chai and maybe another glass of lassi.

All of this for Rs. 1100 per head is not bad at all and if you like vegetables you will go home with your heart content and tummy filled.

Where is Rajdhani Delights located in Karachi?

Address: in Clifton, near Sony Sweets.

Timings: 12PM to 11:30PM

Pin Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/BxGarFx3gA5xB8WB6

Walk-ins are allowed but on weekends, there can be a waiting.

Points To Consider

– The dinner thali buffet costs more than the lunch thali buffet.

– Individually some items may taste alright but the beauty of thali comes from trying different combinations that are on the platter. Don’t feel afraid from trying different chutneys and add crushed papar for texture when making a bite. 

– Everything in the thaali can be re-ordered multiple times, including drinks and dessert with no additional charge.

Have you been to Rajdhani Delights? Leave us your thoughts below and help our community make an informed decision!

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