What’s on Mariyah’s Den Menu?

Mariyah's Den Menu

If you ask us, dumplings were a GREAT addition to karachi’s food scene over the last few years. They are soft but pack a punch in terms of flavour, especially with that chilli oil and they are so fun to eat. An appetiser that could be a main course if you have enough. That’s what we go for. Lol. A quick look at Mariyah’s Den menu will have you salivating.

Here is Mariyah's Den menu.

Mariyah's Den Menu Karachi
Mariyah's Den Menu, Location in Karachi

Where is it located?

Mariyah's Den - Quick Recommendation

1. The quickest recommendation is to ask for extra chilli oil with whichever dumpling you choose as your order. It makes a ton of a difference and it is a really addictive combo.

2. The best dumplings (according to most people who have tried): prawn dumplings

3. Chicken dumplings are our personal favourite, with chilli oil.

4. Chocolate dumplings are surprisingly good!

Bonus: If you want something in addition to dumplings, they also have this noodle and corn soup called the bowl of warmth that you can have while you wait. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s great if you are a soup person.

To see detailed recommendations with pictures, read more here: 5 Things I Love Ordering at Mariyah’s Den

We love a place that is cosy and offers food that is easy to have conversations over. Dumplings are just a great pick-me-up by way of food and we are so glad there is a place dedicated for it.

Have you been to Mariyah’s Den? Let us know your experience or recommendations below.

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