Mariyah’s Den Adds Vegan Dumplings To The Menu

Vegan dumplings by Mariyah's Den

Mariyah’s Den, a cozy place in Karachi with a menu dedicated to dumplings, has added 100% vegan dumplings to its menu. The dumplings called Mushroom Galore have a filling which consists of white and shittake mushrooms that are lightly spiced and enveloped in a spinach-based wrapper. It is then served in a spicy sauce with sesame seeds.

spinach dumpling wrapped filled with mushrooms vegan mariyah's den
mushroom galore mariyah's den menu karachi

As fans of dumplings in general, we really enjoyed this new flavour. The sauce it is served in has a sharper kick than the one the chicken dumplings are served in. The dumplings themselves bring forth the flavours of the mushroom filling and the flavour of the spinach is subdued. It is a solid addition to the menu and something every dumpling fan would enjoy, vegan or not.

We also really appreciate places trying to include more vegetarian and vegan food options to their menu and as always you can count on us to keep you in the know about all of them!

Meanwhile, if you want to browse through Mariyah’s Den menu, click here.

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