5 Things I Love Ordering At Mariyah’s Den

Mariyah's Den - what to order?

Mariyah’s Den, located at Zamzama, is one of those places that you immediately want to protect. The vibe is wholesome, it’s cozy and welcoming and the food! The menu is dedicated to dumplings and initially you might think that’s limited but once you get into all the options – trust me, you will be surprised, fulfilled and possibly, addicted.

Here are 5 Things I Love Ordering At Mariyah's Den

1. Chicken Dumplings

This was the first thing I truly liked at Mariyah’s Den. This is well seasoned, flavourful and peppery. What I actually love though is how it pairs with the chilli oil. [Ask for extras].

chicken dumplings mariyah's den

2. Mushroom Galore

This is one of the newest additions to their menu. It has a white and shittake mushroom filling and the wrapper is made from spinach. While it may sound foreboding to people who love meat, don’t let your bias keep you away from this because it tastes amazing!

The sauce it is served in is even sharper than the one that chicken dumpling has and it complements it really well. This is a 100% vegan dumpling.

mushroom dumplings mariyah's den

3. Prawn and Chives

I really want to say I have tried everything at Mariyah’s Den. I really have. Except for anything prawns because I’m allergic. However, anybody who has tried prawn dumplings in front of me have said these are the best you can have at Mariyah’s Den, so they had to make the list.

Prawn and chives is on their specials currently.

prawn dumplings

4. Bowl of Warmth

This is not your usual soup. This has chicken broth, rice noodles, corn on the cob and zucchini. A great way to start your dumpling-fest especially in winters. Slurp.

bowl of warmth Mariyah's Den karachi

5. Chocolate Dumplings

Before chocolate dumplings were on the menu, chocolate tart used to be the dessert I’d order here. However, these chocolate dumplings now win every discussion.

They are priced at around Rs.450 and are just little pockets of indulgence. Available in dark chocolate and white chocolate and topped with coconut flakes. It’s last on the list but one of the things you shouldn’t miss while you are here.

Mariyah's Den
Photo Credit: @FoodieTravels.Co

Want to see Mariyah Dens’ location and menu? It’s up in our menu finder here.



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