Drop Coffee Adds Plant-Based Milk Options To Its Menu

Drop coffee dairy-free milk

Drop Coffee Bar, announced last week on its social media that it’s adding almond milk and lactose-free milk to its menu in response to their customers asking for “more milk options” with their coffee orders. This is definitely a welcome announcement for a growing number of people who are now actively looking for plant-based food options in the city, whether it be because of dietary restrictions or because of wanting to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Earlier, other coffeeshop owners had pointed out that they find it challenging to stock plant-based milk options in their cafes because of supply chain issues and because the demand for it is sporadic.

However, as the number of people turning towards plant-based and lactose-free milk grows, it is expected that other cafe owners will also follow suit.

Having said that, Drop Coffee Bar is by no means the only coffeeshop offering plant-based milk options. Evergreen does too and so does N’ecos (on an advance notice though).

If you know of more places who do, let us know in the comments below!

Drop Coffee Plant Based

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