A Complete Guide To Ordering At Bad Egg

Bad Egg Menu Korean Egg Sandwiches in Karachi

Bad Egg is a new place in Karachi with Korean-style Egg Sandwiches on their menu. Famously known as “Egg Drop Sandwiches” they consist of fluffy scrambled eggs, meat, cheese and sauces sandwiched between thick slices of brioche bread. Want to see the complete Bad Egg Menu? Here it is:

First of all: The Bad Egg Menu [updated July 2023]

Bad Egg Menu 01
Bad Egg Menu 03
Bad Egg Menu 04

What Time Do I Go?

Their operational hours are 9AM to 2AM.

Where is Bad Egg? [Location]

They have one outlets at Khayaban e Seher.

Google Pin: https://goo.gl/maps/imPXmgy3HeftW4oE6

Contact: 0312 0374702

So What Do I Order from Bad Egg Menu?

We are working on adding our recommendations here soon! If you have any favourites, let us know in the comments below.

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