What is on Mirchili’s menu?

Mirchili Menu

You can’t go wrong with Mirchili. When you think comfort food, they have everything you could possibly think of. You can take your friends here, your mom, or just go solo. It’s a comfortable and fun dining out experience. We are talking about their main outlets of course, not the ones in the malls. If you here to see the Mirchili Menu, here it is.

Show me the Mirchili Menu

Mirchili Menu 1 of 2
Mirchili Menu 2 of 2

Where is it in Karachi?

When does it open in Karachi?

Most of Mirchili’s outlets open by 12PM.

What should you order from Mirchili Menu?

1- The Gappa Gotala

2- The Masala Dosa

3- The Daal Bun Kebab

4- The Dahi Puri

What do you recommend people try from the Mirchili Menu?

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