Finding The Best Cinnamon Rolls In Karachi

Cinnamon Rolls in Karachi

Trust us when we say these are the best cinnamon rolls you will find in Karachi and we have had to go through some really terrible ones to get to these. What makes a cinnamon roll great for us? First of all, it should be fluffy (or fluffay if we are being dramatic), it should taste like cinnamon (hello, the name?) and the cream cheese frosting should not be (for the love of God) like sugar sticking to your mouth. 

Flavours are great sure – but too much Lotus or Nutella is kind of an overkill on an already indulgent dessert. Without making you read further, here are our top picks for cinnamon rolls in Karachi.

The Best Cinnamon Rolls in Karachi

Marya's Cafe
Cinnamon Rolls

Marya's Cafe - Cinnamon Rolls

At this point, we are convinced Marya’s Cafe can do NO wrong. Coffee buns, brownies, hot chocolate and now cinnamon rolls – absolute perfection. Fluffy, cinnamon-y and the cream cheese frosting – even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you will feel the vibe. Finished it all!

Rating: 4.5/5

The PlaceMarya’s Cafe

Pane & Amore
Choco-Coffee Cinnamon Rolls

Choco Coffee Cinnamon Rolls by Pane & Amore

Usually we rank something second when it’s second-best obviously but THIS – is right up there with our first choice. This is a cinnamon-rich cinnamon roll and we love that for us. Combined with the choco coffee frosting – which should be the only other flavour you need after the vanilla cream cheese – it’s just a beauty. You get three flavour profiles in one: cinnamon, chocolate and coffee. Tips hat.

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Rs. 525 + Tax

The PlacePane & Amore

Pecan Minibons

Pecan Minibons by Cinnnabon

Okay Cinnabon is kind of looked at in a snob-ish way when it comes to cinnamon rolls and we think it is because it’s this huge franchise that does very little in kind of engaging with local sentiments and also because the cinnamon rolls are a bit overtly sweet. However, the best way to break the over-sweetness is to order minibons instead of full-sized cinnamon rolls and get pecans added!

Honestly, not bad and rather cute.

Rating: 4/5

The Place: Cinnabon


So there you go! A round-up of best cinnamon rolls in Karachi. Which one sounds more your type?

Got cinnamon rolls recommendations? Comment below. 

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