What is on Evergreen’s menu?

Smashburger on Evergreen Menu in Karachi

Evergreen Cafe in Karachi is where you come to find food that is calorie counted, vegetable forward, caters to people who are mindful about their health and are looking for food that fits a specific nutritional requirement. Having said that, it’s frequented by everyone and it has now reached the kind of popularity that doesn’t restrict it to only one set of people. While this is where you can find your whole wheat pastas, wraps and gluten free desserts, it’s also where you’ll find flavour. Without further ado, giving you the updated Evergreen menu below.

Show me the Evergreen menu

Evergreen's breakfast menu 01
Breakfast options at Evergreen
Evergreen Menu
Evergreen Menu 2
A list of pasta at the cafe with prices
Seafood at Evergreen Cafe
Burgers at Evergreen Cafe in Karachi
A list of desserts at the cafe with prices
Drinks, Smoothies at Evergreen

Where is Evergreen Cafe in Karachi?

When does Evergreen Cafe open in Karachi?

8AM to 12AM. 

It has an all-day breakfast menu and the mains menu starts at 12 (noon).

What should you order from Evergreen Menu?

Some of our top picks are:

– The Caesar Pizza (It has grilled chicken, cheese, croutons, greens and a ranch sauce that brings everything together. Arguably the most ordered thing at Evergreen’s Cafe)

– The Yalla Bowl (which has chicken skewers, couscous, hummus, a tzatziki sauce, olive tapenade and more. A great way to try a bit of different thing with varying flavours and textures)

– The Dark Chocolate Cake is very loved at Evergreen Cafe. Even though it’s flourless, it is quite rich in chocolate which makes it quite delicious.

– Their Gluten-free Desserts include a range of things, including gluten free bread, chocolate muffins, blueberry muffins, lemon and chia seed cake, cranberry cookies, cheesecake and brownies. That’s something!

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What do you recommend people try from Evergreen Menu?

Have you been here? Let us and our community know about your most recent visit below.



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