Finding The Best Burgers In Karachi

best burgers in karachi

The discussion about finding the best burgers in Karachi needs to be separate from finding the best food places in Karachi because sometimes even the places that boast a near perfect customer rating falter while making a solid cheeseburger – at least consistently. What is our idea of a good cheeseburger? Well, firstly the proof is in the beef. On an average, most burger places offer a patty that has been smashed out of all its juices and flavour. We are not about that.

Then comes the accompaniments. Is it drowning in sauce and Cheetos or does the melted cheese envelope it just enough? Do the buns hold up or disintegrate the minute you have had a bite? Bonus points: if any additional ingredients bring in a little sharpness without smothering the burger. These are only some of the factors we considered before short-listing the following.

The Best Burgers In Karachi

Without further ado, our list (which we hope will only continue to grow):


Pronto by Eatalia -
Beef Chief

The Beef Chief at Pronto by Eatalia

When your usual burger places have been disappointing you lately, this is the burger you need to have. The Beef Chief by Pronto by Eatalia has a smashed, whole chuck beef patty, cheddar cheese, caramelised onions and rocket leaves. It looks like a cheesy affair from the outset but once you bite into it, all the different ingredients make an appearance at just the right amount. The caramelised onions are just a hint and not overpowering. The burger doesn’t drip with sauce but overall – it as solid a burger as it gets.

What: The Beef Chief Burger

Where: Pronto by Eatalia

Price: Rs. 1,350

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Colette by Xander's -
The Colette Burger

The Beef Burger at Colette

This burger, with two smashed beef patties, melted cheddar cheese and just the right amount of moisture coming through with tomatoes and onions is a solid burger on this list. It has built a reputation for being one of the best burgers in Karachi and we won’t disagree.

Craving this as we speak. 

What: The Colette Burger

Where: Colette by Xander’s

Price: Rs. 1,810

More: Complete Menu


OPTP - Smash Burger
with Mushrooms

OPTP Mushroom Burger

OPTP was the last place where we expected to get a good beef burger and then we went back three times to have it, just to be sure. And it surprised us each time. The new smash burgers at OPTP are legit. The beef patty has a crispy smashed outer layer but it is still juicy inside. The sauce, caramelised onions, cheese, mushrooms AND the soft, crumbly potato bunlike we are actually lost for words. It’s damn good.

The bun here isn’t as sturdy as the other places on the list but for some reason it adds to its charm. The way it crumbles with every bite and yet holds on. This is a burger you would wolf down in 5 minutes max. 

What: Smash Burger + Mushrooms (Add-On)

Where: OPTP

Price: Rs. 750 for a single patty smash burger and Rs. 100 for add-on

More: Complete Menu and Location


2Guys1Grll -
OG Beef Donut Burger

2G1G - OG beef donut burger with feta cheese

When you first hear of a donut burger it sounds like one of those short-lived BuzzFeed-inspired food trends that don’t match up to the hype. However, the donut burger at 2G1G is something else. It’s one thing all food purists need to try at least once. 

The ‘OG Beef DB’  has a 120g beef patty, rocket, melted cheese, a feta cheese based white sauce and a marinara-esque red sauce. It’s not an exaggeration when we say it literally melts in your mouth.

It has all the makings of a classic cheeseburger, except for the fact that the bun is a mildly glazed donut which actually accentuates the flavours. Then, the feta cheese adds this soft textural quality to every bite and the marinara adds depth and a little zest. The beef itself is grilled well and coupled with everything going on in the burger, it lands just right.

People do sometimes think that the size is close to that of a slider and not a full-sized burger, but man just have two

What: OG Beef Donut Burger

Where: 2Guys1Grll, at Khayaban e Bukhari and Shaheed e Millat

Price: Rs. 625 + Tax

More: Complete Menu and Location


Beef Smash -
Downright Dirty - Ancho

Downright Dirty Burger at Beef Smash in Karachi

The patty is the star at Beef Smash. It is succulent, flavourful and melts in your mouth with the cheese. So much so that having a burger with double patty doesn’t seem like a chore. It actually makes sense. 

Our recommendation: The Downright Dirty Burger with Double Patty and a Pepperoni Add-On.

Our only additional wish would be for the burgers to have just a bit of a sharpness to further accentuate flavours.

What: Downright Dirty Burger (Double Patty) with Pepperoni Or Pepper Express

Where: Beef Smash, at Khayaban e Seher and at Shaheed e Millat

Price: Rs. 1000 (approx – depending on add-ons)

More: Complete Menu and Location


The Broiler Room by Saltage

The Boiler Room Burgers in Karachi

If a beef patty with a charred, smoky taste is what you are looking for – The Broiler Room does it best. Overall, their burgers are very no-frills and designed to travel well over takeaway and delivery. It’s NOT an experience but it does the job of fulfilling a burger craving. It is also priced accordingly. 

Not the best burgers in Karachi but solid value for money.

What: Mushroom Beef Burger by The Broiler Room

Where: The Broiler Room by Saltage – Takeaway and Delivery only

Price: Rs. 680



Espresso - Level 2
Butter Mushroom Melt Burger

These burgers are really good! They look unassuming and yes they are at Espresso so you are probably sceptical. However, these hit. The only thing? They are smaller than your standard sized burgers. And they are not at Espresso’s regular menu but their Level 2 menu.

However, we would totally go back for these (also to take a better photo of these for you). Bonus points for the fact that they come with fries and sauce.

What: Butter Mushroom Melt Burger

Where: Espresso – Level 2 Menu

Price: Rs. 995


Cote Rotie -

Cote Rotie Cheese Burger Best Burgers in Karachi

The cheeseburger at Cote Rotie is humongous. Not sure we have even used the word in a sentence before but it is what it is. The beef patty is hefty but succulent. The minute you look at the cross-section you know you are going to like this. The cheese on the top is melted and the way it works with the generous serving of caramelised onions on top just makes the entire burger very enjoyable.

It is one of the priciest burger on the list at Rs. 3,850, but well.

What: The CR French Burger

Where: Cote Rotie, inside Alliance Francaise at Clifton

Price: Rs. 3,850 + Tax

More: Complete Menu and Location


No Lies Fries - The NLF

NLF Best Burgers In Karachi

The NLF at No Lies Fries is our idea of a no-fuss burger with no additional flavour add-ons – just a good classic. Potato buns, a smashed beef patty, melted cheese, pickles and caramelised onions. No more, no less. A safe word.

What: NLF

Where: No Lies Fries

Price: Rs. 810 + Tax

More: Complete Menu and Location


Markhor - The Beast

Markhor - The Beast burger with brisket

Markhor maybe would not have been in the list BUT the way it makes the additional meatiness work with the beef briskets on top of the double beef patties while ensuring that it is not chewy and the way it makes caramelised onions work with the sauce and cheese – it deserves props for making this huge burger actually flavourful. The smokiness of the brisket gives it that additional flavour kick that we look for in a good beef burger, so it stays on the list.

What: The Beast

Where: Markhor

Price: Rs. 1050 + Tax

More: Complete Menu and Location

Okay so here it is. Our list of the best burgers you can have in Karachi. A growing list, so feel free to drop your recommendations below.

Also, we really hope you weren’t looking for a chicken burger on this list but even if you were – there is only one chicken sandwich that we’d call a burger and it the Zinger and you already know where to find it.

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