Siroc launches new breakfast menu in Karachi

Siroc breakfast menu Karachi

Siroc, recently launched its breakfast menu with the announcement that it will now also be opening at 8am. Their menu consists of middle-eastern fusion food, which sounds like the chefs probably wanted to adapt it to suit local palate. However, in general the reviews of their food have been mixed so far.

What is on Siroc's breakfast menu?

A quick look at the breakfast menu shows they have made this breakfast platter, called the Morning Carnival, which lets you choose one main egg dish and 6 sidelines along with your choice of bread. While the choices of eggs are quite limited, with only the menemen eggs and shakshuka standing out, the sidelines is where this platter gets interesting.

You get to choose between hummus, moutabbal, roasted garlic, feta cheese, muammara, olives, butter, honey and and more.

The entire platter designed to serve two people is priced at Rs.1,595 plus tax.

kahva at siroc karachi

Trying out the breakfast platter at Siroc

My friend and I recently went to try this platter and overall were not disappointed. One of the things that is good about the platter is that it lets you sample various flavours in one order. We got to try their take on hummus, moutabbal, muammara, simit and menemen eggs.

The eggs were actually the weakest link. While seasoned nicely, they were a bit dry and left an eggy after-taste. However, the presentation and the variety of sidelines, especially the feta cheese balanced it out.

The pita bread was nice and fluffy while the Simit came stuffed with cream cheese.

Overall, it cost us around Rs. 1,100 per head (with tax).

Would we go back again? Can’t speak for my friend but I might, when I’m in the mood to have breakfast be a canvas of different flavours, even if individually they don’t really take you too far.

Find Siroc’s updated menu here.

Have you tried breakfast at Siroc yet? Let us know what you thought of it below. 



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