A Complete Guide To Ordering at Jinsoku

Jinsoku Karachi Menu - Ramen

Jinsoku is another restaurant in Karachi that seems to be keeping sushi and food inspired from the Japanese cuisine at the forefront in its menu. There is something about it that sets it apart though. Maybe it is the live kitchen that builds confidence, the freshness of ingredients – which is so necessary especially if you are dealing with meat or seafood or overall the simplicity of some of the recipes that exhibit a certain level of culinary expertise. 

Looking at Jinsoku Menu


The menu, on first glance, might not seem like it has enough options. Categories of “sushi”, “salad”, “mains” and “ramen” will stand out. However, we did find ourselves with quite the spread once we actually got down to ordering.

The appetiser section is not to be overlooked and it actually houses interesting stand-alone sides that will complete your spread. The Gyu Naka Bata (medium rare beef served with butter), the steamed snapper and then their salads.

Amongst the sushi menu, the servers recommend the Tsunami Maki but we also quite enjoyed the Assorted Nigiri.

The Kitaro Spicy Salmon has salmon atop a rice cake that may seem dense at first but when dipped in soy sauce is just a perfect bite.

The Ramen is a yes too. More below.

Jinsoku Salad and Starter Menu Page 1

Deciding What To Order from Jinsoku Menu

Here is what we ordered and recommend. 

1. The Gaya Naku Bata

Medium-rare beef smothered in butter and chimichurri-esque spices. A not-to-be-missed appetiser.

Buttery Beef at Jinsoku Menu

2. Kitaro Spicy Salmon

Crunchy and seasoned rice cake with salmon and when dipped in soy sauce makes for a perfect bite. Also a good appetiser. 

Kitaro Spicy Salmon

3. Beef Ramen Mini

This ramen comes with a slow-cooked broth with a lot of mildly spiced umami flavours. The beef is tender and it doesn’t make you stop to chew while you are slurping on the ramen. One of our favourites at Jinsoku and probably the best ramen available in Karachi at the moment.

[Not for those who would expect this to taste like Samyung noodles]

Beef Ramen Mini at Jinsoku Menu

4. Chicken Teppanyaki

Charred chicken thigh pieces with a smoky and a mildly sweet flavour. A safe order from Jinsoku Menu but not something that would wow you extraordinarily.

Chicken Teppanyaki

5. The Vanilla Chocolate Mess

This is a great play of textures with a smooth ice cream, crunchy fried dough balls, chocolates and nuts in the midst. Definitely recommend you get this.

Where is Jinsoku located in Karachi?

Address: right next to Cafe Flo, Clifton

Timings: 6:30PM to 12AM (closed on Mondays)

Pin Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/1yCX4xKgWtbMhFxn7

We recommend getting a reservation.

Points To Consider

– Our per head came to about Rs. 6,500. It can be steep but we did also order more items than necessary with the intention of doing a complete review.

– The place is heavily focused on sushi, beef and ramen so if you don’t enjoy that you won’t find much in the menu that will speak to you.

– The vibe is cozy, dimly-lit and there’s a live kitchen – so probably not the place for you if you are looking for a spacious, well-lit or outdoor vibe.

Have you been to Jinsoku? What are some of your favourites in their menu? Leave us your thoughts below and help our community make an informed decision!

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